MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is one of the largest industrial complexes of the Russia Federation.

OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY was created in 2001 and comprises enterprises and organizations for crude oil production, refining and transportation, oil product sales, chemistry and petrochemistry, several scientific, research and development, construction, repair and commissioning organizations, as well as a developed distribution network in foreign markets.

Quality and environment

OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is aware of its responsibility for the quality and safety of petroleum products sold.In order to simplify the purchasing decision, buyers are given accurate and relevant information about the quality of petroleum products sold.

OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY permanently monitors and prevents possible causes loss of quality petroleum products during their reception, transportation, storage, shipment.

About Us

OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is a major supplier of a wide range of petroleum products
We are committed to the very highest safety, health and environmental standards. We are always exploring new ways of further improving the safety performance of our refinery to meet the changing global market requirements, environmental regulations, occupational health and safety regulations.  


OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is a major supplier of a wide range of petroleum products, such as:

  • Motor Gasolines (AI-98-K5-Euro, AI-95-K5-Euro, AI-92-K5-Euro)
  • Diesel Fuel (DT-L-К4(К5), DT-Z-К4(К5)
  • Diesel Fuel for cold and arctic climate (DT-Z-К5 class 2, and DT-А-К5 class