At present OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is the leading exporter of Russian oil products.

The efforts of the company staff are directed to consolidation of export volumes of oil products produced by Russian oil. Currently the company exports up to 1 million tons of oil products per month.

By fast and flexible responding to the customers' demands OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is a reliable partner.

The open and clear sales scheme as well as the high quality of oil products enables the company not only to keep a high profile among the oil products exporters of the CIS countries, but also to strengthen the country's prestige in the global market.

OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY has developed its own distribution network: the company's subsidiaries are established in Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Russian Federation, which contributes a lot to forming long-term partnerships with final consumers of oil products in the European countries and CIS. Thus the company and its subsidiaries take into account local market features and customer preferences and provides for timely response to changes in the market environment.

The core of young and energetic team of CJSC Belarusian Oil Company is a number of highly-qualified employees who came to the company from oil refining industry, having a considerable experience in the spheres of trading, logistics and finance.

OOO MORDOVNEFT COMPANY is open for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.


JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery is a major supplier of a wide range of petroleum products, such as:

Motor Gasolines (AI-98-K5-Euro, AI-95-K5-Euro, AI-92-K5-Euro)

Diesel Fuel (DT-L-К4(К5), DT-Z-К4(К5)

Diesel Fuel for cold and arctic climate (DT-Z-К5 class 2, and DT-А-К5 class 3)

Home Heating Oil

Fuel Oil

Roofing Petroleum Bitumen

Construction Petroleum Bitumens

Road Petroleum Bitumens

LPG of SPBT grade (propane and butane mixture) for household use

LPG meeting PN-EN 589:2009


Technical Sulphur

Ecologically Improved Kerosene

Petroleum Benzene 

Main features of our petroleum products: 

low sulphur content (max 10 mg/kg) in motor gasolines АI-95-Euro and АI-92-Euro, diesel fuels, and in lamp oil;

no octane boosting and other additives in motor gasolines. 

We are committed to the very highest safety, health and environmental standards. We are always exploring new ways of further improving the safety performance of our refinery to meet the changing global market requirements, environmental regulations, occupational health and safety regulations.  

Our refinery exports up to 80% of our petroleum products. Refinery's favourable geographical location, proximity to crude oil and petroleum product pipelines, multiple railways and motorways make our products available for consumers in Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Baltic countries, Italy, Great Britain, etc. 


Abbreviated name – MORDOVNEFT.


Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) – 1061326007291
Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) – 1326196209
Tax Registration Reason Code (KPP) – 710701001